About Me


Hi, I’m Amelia.

I’m from the great, white North – Potsdam, NY. Every spring we tap Maples, boil sap, and savor the syrup and sugar we create as we pile it on ice cream, toast, pancakes, etc… (My mouth is watering just thinking about it.) My home is routinely piled with feet of snow until March (at least) and Potsdam is regularly deemed one of the coldest towns in the country every winter. And because I’m just 20 minutes from the Canadian border, I try to hop to and from the states and Canada as often as possible.

(I’m a Justin fan – Trudeau and Bieber.)

Apart from being a Northerner, I’m also a Bonnie. Cue the Bona clap. Right now, I’m a senior Strategic Communications & Digital Media student at St. Bonaventure University. Located within the picturesque “Enchanted Mountain” range in western New York, Bonaventure’s become my home away from home – with burgers, booze, buds and basketball to spare.

Although most of the year I’m a resident of The Empire State, the past two summers I was both a Spaniard and a Southerner. In the summer of 2016, I studied abroad in Salamanca, Spain for six weeks and lived with a host family. It was a beautiful and humbling experience – one that I will treasure until I return. (Hopefully soon!) The summer of 2017, I was offered an internship in Greenville, South Carolina as a Social Media/Marketing Intern and although it was a big leap from home, I took a chance and moved in with my Aunt, Uncle and their pups for the SWELTERING summer months. Again, I was fortunate enough to further my professional background, meet individuals that inspired me, and indulge myself in that southern hospitality!

During the school year, I’m co-captain of Bonaventure’s club soccer team and Media Intern/Vice President of the Family Business Club. And this past summer, I’ve had the pleasure of working at Little Trees CAR-FRESHNER as Brand Intern! I’ll be sharing my internship experiences in this blog – each has been challenging and fun in different ways!

I started this blog and named it browsing by Amelia Bailey because I’m browsing what the world has to offer. I couldn’t limit myself, so you’ll see several categories for different topics;

Butter Me Up: Real recipes I’ve tried. The easy, the hard, and everything in between.

Just Swatch Me: I’m a pattern/trend junkie – and a marketer. Anything that inspires me I’ll put there. Moodboards, music, fashion, etc.

Now & Then: A history lesson! For those places I’ve been that you might not know about.

Beauty & Health: Pretty self-explanatory. Self-care.

Pardon My French: This tab is for anything I’m passionate about. Viewer discretion is advised.