About Me


Hi, I’m Amelia.

Among the millions of other bloggers and Instagrammers, here I am! This blog was born simply out of therapeutic need. I needed an outlet. I needed to speak truthfully into the void – to organize my thoughts, feelings, findings in a way that made sense to me and me only. If you resonate with me – welcome – and I’d love to hear from you!

A little about my background:

I’m from the great white! I’m North Country born-and-raised. If you’re unfamiliar, in New York there’s the city, upstate new york, northern new york which is then crowned by our beautiful North Country – the land of farms, fishing, the River, the border, and maple syrup. I grew up in Potsdam, NY, just 20 minutes from the Canadian border.

Apart from being a northerner, I’m also a Bonnie. Cue the Bona clap! Nestled within the picturesque “Enchanted Mountain” range in western New York, Bonaventure’s become my home away from home – with burgers, booze, buds and basketball to spare. I graduated in May 2019 with a Bachelors in Strategic Communication & Digital Media.

Now, I’m based out of Watertown, NY. I live with my two cats, Big Papi and Mosey, in a small apartment in the center of town. I work in marketing at CAR-FRESHNER Corporation – and I was just recently given the opportunity to work in our European office for two months starting in March 2020. In a heartbeat, I said yes. See you in a few months, Newbury UK.

I started this blog and named it browsing by Amelia Bailey because I’m browsing what the world has to offer. I couldn’t limit myself – so some things might change on this plaform as I learn to grow. Stick around!