My Love Affair: New York Magazine’s ‘The Cut’

Welcome to one of my many obsessions, sis. NYMag’s ‘The Cut’: a platform created and written by women, for women. Their ‘About Me’ page is as eloquent and spot-on as any I would have ever attempted to write;

“Welcome to the premier destination for women with stylish minds. No matter the subject, we address our readers’ lives head on with generous wit, honesty, and power. We are in a dynamic conversation with women about the issues that matter to them most — politics, feminism, work, money, relationships, mental health, fashion and issues relating to equality.

A woman with a stylish mind.

By reading ‘The Cut’ on the daily, I become a woman with a stylish mind. The women of ‘The Cut’; Madeleine AggelerAmanda Arnold, Kelly Conaboy, Allison P. Davis, Katie Heaney, Gabriella PaiellaLisa RyanAnna Silman, Erica Smith, Sarah SpellingsEdith Zimmerman, Hayley Schueneman, Opheli Garcia Lawler, Ann FriedmanHeather Havrilesky, Cathy Horyn, Maureen O’ConnorRebecca TraisterDiana TsuiSarah NechamkinIndya BrownLindsay PeoplesEmilia PetrarcaJen GannKathleen Hou, Liane Radel, Catie L’Heureux, Callie Beusman, Melissa DahlIzzy Grinspan, Ruth Spencer, Molly Fischer, Dora Fung, Rebecca Ramsey, and of course, Stella Bugbee, have made a tremendous impact on how I see modern news in the eyes of the modern woman.

Everything I want to hear or ever hope to hear is accessible on one platform. The articles feel as though my friends and I’ve written them – and the headlines are even better. A look into any of mine and my girlfriends’ group chats and you’d see something akin to one of their most recent headlines;

16 Fancy Pajamas You Can Wear to Parties

Archaeologists Discover Remains of Ancient Hypebeast


and my personal favorite at the moment: The Grinch Is… Totally Kind of Hot?

Not gonna lie, my girl Meg would say the same. The consistent practice of using modern language (i.e. words like “hypebeast”) in every article posted resonates with the new generation (me n my girlfrens) and allows for a certain un-guarded approachableness that welcomes conversation and contribution. In other words, girl talk.


Screen Shot 2018-12-16 at 2.36.01 PM.png

“Our stories are organized around four categories: Style, Self, Culture, and Power — words that give us a framework for what it means to be a woman moving forward in the world today. Each one informs the other. After all, a woman with a stylish mind poses a real threat to every industry she enters.”

My goal? To be a real threat. The Cut is helping me get there.